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I Have a Confession

I just can't take living in this world. What is wrong with all of these people....saying all of these things, helping people to want themselves to die? I can't seem to control the tears anymore. I... [more]
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  • I Think I Am Ugly

    My Insecurity In Which Dishearts Me... When I was younger..._age 1-7_...I went through a lot more than all the other kids at my school...and if they DiD go through what I went through, then they hid it quite well. Anyway, everything hurt m… [more]
  • I Secretly Hope That One Day I Will Marry My First Love

    My First Love Doesn't Realize How Much I Love Him Me and my boyfriend seem to be having some problems. Our anniversary is in two weeks, on January 7. He is sort of the first guy that I KNOW I love, the only one so far that I don't just automatically … [more]
  • I Self Harm

    It Started So Long Ago I started experimenting with cutting in 5th grade. It wasn't really serious until 7th grade. Now I am fourteen. I regularly burn, cut, scratch, pierce, stab, etc. It's not wrong. It's not weird. It's … [more]
  • I Thought Of You Today

    My Long Lonely Nights... I lay here awake. I wish I was prettier. I wish I were thinner. I say I am okay. Then I lye here and pray for God to take away the pain. Then I remember you. The way you appreciate me, appreciate my b… [more]