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The way the breeze moves the Gaia playing a violin. [Connifer]

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It... [more]
  • I Am A Desert Flower

    Desert Flower My sisters and I were orphans once.  We were put into the home by the state, due to abuse by our stepfather, who had a preference for his own children by our mother.  My eldest sister elo… [more]
  • I Think Quantum Physics Is Interesting

    Simultaneous Time I have read more than a few comments and stories this group has posted. Apparently, what a yogi told me back in 1973 is now coming to pass...many more spirits are becoming aware of QP on a personal le… [more]
  • I Like Fantasy Stories With A Pinch Of Plausibility

    Mists Of Adventure I have discovered there are a lot of talented writers on EP.  So it occurred to me there must be others like myself who enjoy writing fantasy short stories.   I have… [more]
  • I Like Fantasy Stories With A Pinch Of Plausibility

    Mirinda's Melody (please Read Mists Of Adventure First) NOTE: This is a short story sequel to "Mists of Adventure" "Mirinda's Melody" There are times, in that gray twilight between awake and asleep, when you can almost touch… [more]
  • Heart's Haven

    Posted on: April 30th, 2010 at 10:27AM

    Heart's Haven There's a place where our hearts would tarry, given the chance or opportunity. Where memories cascade like stardust-laden waterfalls in the golden sunlight of total, unconditional acceptance. As we bathe in the engulfing mist of this rest stop, the normal burden of our journey is lifted, and cares become dancing butterflies in a meadow of beautiful recognition. It is our sacred harbor of humanity...where "forgiveness is the fragrance that violets shed on the heels that once crushed them..." especially forgiveness of self. Remembrance hugs us warmly, and we are laid bare in the total sanctity of knowing sanctuary from all things judgmental. There is love. There is longin… [more]


  • Migrational Mists

    Posted on: June 14th, 2012 at 5:03PM

    ~ Migrational Mists ~ Rising, ancient whispers From the forest floor; Sunbeams dancing thru its Prism poetry of light, Etherial mists...nothing more. Grass perspiring into the night. Evaporating into a bliss Of cloud-like wonder, Drifting as silent shadows Across the forest from Which it ascended. Falling again in a Concert of drops, Slipping across flower petals Like tears on angels' faces. Cycle after cycle,  Mist just has so much To dew. Even when we pass From this world, We'll be mist In the minds of those We knew. Connifer/@Copyright 6-2000… [more]


  • The Oldest Language

    Posted on: May 24th, 2012 at 5:08PM

    I have been curious about dreams all my life.  Let me rephrase:  waking life. Dreams don't get curious--they just get enigmatic.I'm certain they mean more than just my brain doing a core dump of imagery processed the previous day or so.  People spend hours recording them in journals because dreams are deeply symbolic, and they wish to interpret the symbology in a way that will add value to their lives.I did some research and found the hippocampus is "off-line" during dreams, so the mind draws on abstract information from the neocortex instead.  Well THAT explains a lot of the weird images! And how about the faces you absolutely KNOW within the dream but cannot place them after waking?Apparen… [more]


  • Why Are No Two Snowflakes Alike?

    Posted on: January 16th, 2010 at 5:18PM

    Why No Two Snowflakes are AlikeThis tiny little truth has been repeated to me since childhood, and I never questioned how or why. It is only when I became more inquisitive about Nature and the universes that I stopped to examine this tidbit of knowledge.The resounding statements that caught my attention when I researched it were: "To have two snow crystals with the same history of development is virtually impossible." And even more humorous was this comical-but-true question that explains how even empirical verification would be humanly impossible:"If two identical snowflakes fell, who would know? And can you ever be sure that no two are alike, since you cannot check them all to find ou… [more]