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I am 17. I live in Moreno Valley CA. I was born and raised in LA before I moved to Moreno Valley. I wear diapers because of medical reasons and I have a bone infection. Because of the bone infection doctors say I shouldn't do anything physical. I never listened and continued my passion for skating.

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I Was Diapered By My Babysitter

Dynasty When I was younger I went to a daycare center because my mom couldn't take care of me and my sister while she was at work. During the summer the Ms. Andrea hired a girl named Dynasty for the summer... [more]
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    Embarrassing Sleepover. Summary: This experience is based on an event that happened when I was 12 years old living in LA. I wear diapers because I was born undeveloped with a few things. I can't control my bladder and don't … [more]
  • I Got Changed In Public

    Diaper Change In Public I got my diaper changed in public in many times when I was younger. I can recall many, like  one time when I went to Knott's for a field trip at my daycare. There was a girl working there for the… [more]
  • I Embarrassin Sleepover

    Embarrassing Sleepover: School Troubles Once Anthony’s dad finally arrived to the house and we were on our way. Before we took our leave me and Anthony changed out of our uniform and was dressing in his room. Anthony was only in … [more]
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    Woke Up With A Wet Diaper At A Sleepover Just awhile ago I spent the entire weekend with my friend Speakman. We went to places and played video games and what not. Normally I don't stay over a friends houses because I wear diapers but he alr… [more]
  • I'm a Genius

    Posted on: April 13th, 2010 at 9:23PM

    Today I got my roller skates taken away because I skated on the campus. I don't normally do that but I took a different route to school and I had to go through the school parking lot. I would have took my skates off at the parking lot but I was getting a lot of stares from other people and it made me feel uncomfortable so I skated through campus to go to my usual spot where all my friends hang out and take them off there. After that a camo came up told me Mr. Sewell ( one of the administrators) wanted me. I knew it was about my skates. When I got to his office he told me to give him my skates. I gave them to him willingly and didn't bother to argue over something I know I did wrong. I start… [more]