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I love to write. It's my only outlet to set all these emotions free. I love talking to people and knowing other stories. Talk to me.

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I Am Broken And Trying To Pick Up The Pieces

My Road Is Broken My road is broken. Ever since I started breathing, everything has been broken. Not only broken, but broken beyond repair. Everything is shattered, it always has been. It’s like every... [more]
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  • I Hate People Who Think They Know Me

    How Could You Possibly Know Me? To know me is to know all 18 years of my life. To honestly know me, you would have to be aware of all of my ups and my downs. You would have to know my past and how it affects my future. You would hav… [more]
  • I Don't Forgive and Forget Easily

    It's Not Fair That I Am Expected To Forgive And Forget So Easily. I am a true believer in forgiveness, but I also do believe that some things just can't be forgiven. Sometimes you hurt so bad, that you can't forgive it. Forgiveness comes from the heart and in order … [more]
  • I Will Not Apologize For Who I Am

    Don't Be Sorry. My whole life seems like it's been spent on my knees apologizing for things I truly just wasn't sorry about. I can't apologize anymore for who I am or the mistakes I've made, because I believe in myse… [more]
  • I Don't Know How to Take Compliments

    I Never Took Or Gave Compliments Due To Feeling Insecure. I've never taken nor given compliments well. I think it's because how I look has always been a huge factor in my happiness. If I didn't feel like I looked okay, I sure as hell did not feel okay becaus… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Blackened eyes and broken soul.
    This one is going to be a little bit deeper than the rest. It would mean a lot if people took the time to read it. I don’t come out about this to much. If you asked me about my childhood, the first thing I would smell is alcohol or cigarette smoke. The first thing I would hear is my mom screaming in pain, my dad yelling at her to shut up, and my sister begging for me to do something. The first thing I would taste would be the tears that never stopped streaming down my face. The first thing I would see… my mom being abused from the top bunk of my bed… through a little crack in my door. I was only five years old at this time. A little innocent, helpless in the world. I looked up to my dad, h… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I am being swalloed by depression.
    It's all coming back to me. The darkness and the silenced pain. The numbness and frustration. The loss of interest and care. I can feel the anxiety creeping into my bones more and more every day. I can feel this depression swimming in my veins slowly making its way to my heart. I can feel it all starting to make its attack. I'm scared. I'm confessing that I am scared this time around, because I've seen what it's done to my life before.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I still love him.
    I am still completely head over heels in love with this boy I fell in love with over a year ago now.  I have boyfriend now that is amazing to me. He showers me with love and care, and I love him because of how much he loves me. He is everything I ever wanted, he is exactly what I need. He gives me things that I never received today. But there is still this boy buried in the corner of my heart that I can never forget. When i see this boy, my heart sinks because I know that what we had is over. My blood thickens with excitement, so much that it hurts to feel it all pumping through my veins. My lips instantly form a smile without me even thinking twice. My stomach flutters as my arms scream out… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I just want to talk talk to people.
    I want to have conversations with people, just to have someone to listen and to have someone to listen to.… [more]