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I Know Good And Evil Are Real Conditions

Chapter 1: Good And Evil And Just How Real They Are Activity in the universe can be boiled down to two different activity types. The mundane type is physics. Physics does it job transitioning energy within the four spacial dimensions of the universe... [more]
  • I Get Blocked A Lot

    I Get Blocked A Lot I get blocked a lot. I listen for opinions but I don't hold back on blasting ones when I see their weak spots. I expect mine to get blasted as well, but I find people run to paper instead of their cri… [more]
  • I Will Answer Anything You Dare To Ask

    Anything Dared Ask? You Are Full Of It. Okay, I've watched many an overconfident person try to take on this dare and fail miserably. Frankly, I'm bolder than most and it is extremely rare when I can find anyone who can go head to head with… [more]
  • I Am Not Attractive

    Personality Tells It All If you look at me I'm an average male with no build because I don't exercise a lot. All things being equal I'd be a 5 out of 10. Unfortunately, my personality is too intense and I drag myself down t… [more]
  • I Remember My Very Early Childhood

    My First Memory Not From A Dream My first memory is waking up in my crib room and wanted to get out of the crib. I couldn't walk yet. It was daytime but the curtains were drawn. I could hear my mother in the kitchen of the apartme… [more]