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my name is kim, im married.i have 2 snakes and a bearded dragon. i like crafting, caving,climbing aswell as art and listing to music, i also do a lot of walking.

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I Had A Dream

ok so this is a bit of a strange dream but also funny at the same time. i was walking down the street and i came across a giant slice of peperoni pizza, i love pizza so i took a bite. the pizza... [more]
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  • I Had a House Fire

    A Week Today a week tonight my husband and i were round the next door neighbours house, my phone charger caught fire and set fire to the sheets on my bed. first thing i knew about it was going back to the house to… [more]
  • I Am An Alcoholic

    Once And Alcoholic..... i know someone who is an alcoholic, i believe that once an alcoholic always an alcoholic and it is an illness, if your an alcoholic then i think you will always be one its justa question of when was … [more]
  • I Will Not Post Or Share Nude Pictures Of Myself

    Compleatly Against It if theres one thing i will not do it show people nude pictures of myself, not only online but ever. i have a husband, he knows what i look like naked - he is my soul mate and he is the only one… [more]
  • I Recycle

    My Recycling i recycle all that can virtually be reasonably recycled, we have paper, foil,tins,glass,cardboard and plastic recycling here, also things like tins and even toiltet roll tubes can be made into things … [more]