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I Want to Know What Completely Stupid Thing You Once Believed

My Childhood Phobia i used to have this strange phobia every new years eve that once it turned midnight, the world would turn black and white and everyone would turn really mean and serious and that society would break... [more]
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  • I 'm A Misfit

    Dare You To Be Weird Like Me I don't know how to fit in and i don't want to. i just wish people would accept me as i am. i can't even get a job at most places due to my ever changing hair colors (the wild ones). i don't know how… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Is the Worst Movie

    Officially The Worst Movie Ever attack of the killer tomatoes is the worst movie ever made. it's so bad it's not even funny. i couldn't even stay awake through half an hour of it, and i never fall asleep during movies. biggest waste… [more]
  • I Like to Read

    Reading Is Breathtaking the title is true when you find an amazing book you never want to put down. you hope it keeps going but then it ends. the last really great book i just finished is called scars by cheryl rainfield. it… [more]
  • I Love Nirvana

    Yay Other People Who Love Nirvana! i can finally say anything about nirvana and people will know what i'm talking about. and even agree with me. i have been a nirvan freak for about six years and no one else i know really listens t… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i've been bad today
    let's see.......I skipped school just because i wanted to sleep in, stole a shirt from goodwill, and i pretended to jokingly feel up my friend and enjoyed it. also been driving without insurance for a month now. what is wrong with me? i guess i just like deviating from the norm once in a while. and that i kind of have a slight crush on said friend.......oh well. we both have boyfriends so that's okay… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i'm in big trouble
    i worried my life is going nowhere and i' m going to fail at life. that my career will do nothing financially, i won't have a car, and the plan of moving in with my boyfriend will leave me nowhere because we end up breaking up. whether any of this will actually happen, i don't know but what if it does? i will be so screwed and quite miserable from it. i guess i'm just paranoid as usual, though you never really know.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i hate that i don't always like myself, especially since my boyfriend loves everything about me. usually i do, but i just can't sometimes because my mood will get to me. and i don't always like what i see in the mirror. i wish i could feel the way he feels about me, but it's just not going to happen that easily. if only it could. my self esteem just sucks sometimes. i could use more confidence.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i feel stupid (and contagious) and it's ok.
    i failed an online exam because i accidentally hit submit instead of hitting the scroll down button. i will probably fail this class and most of the other classes in my semester. i failed two last semester as well. oh well  i don't care honestly. the only reason i'm at ivy tech instead of cosmetology school is because my mom wanted me to and i would be billed for tuition instead of financial aid. i've been stuck taking general classes there for two years and i'm done! why bother wasting my life at one school for no reason when i already know what i want to do at another? i don't care if people say i'm making a mistake because i'm going to live the life i want to, and even if it is a mistake,… [more]