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In some way, we all seek attention :)

I'm an angel, I'm a devil ,I am sometimes in between,I'm as bad it can get And good as it can be. Sometimes I'm a million colors.Sometimes I'm black and white.I am all extremes. Try figure me out you never can. There's so many things I am

'm crazy duffy fan.. Can't stay without music.. Love reading.. I enjoy watching anything that excites me 4m horror to magic to adventure to mystery to celebs to freaky acts.. I want to explore every part of d world possible n want to make my hobby as my profession..

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  • 100% Indian (Bihari)
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Books 5 point someone who will cry when you die taslima nasreen my girlhood nance drew murder on the set diana a biograpgy pink floyd an autobiography(NICK) one night at call centre nothing last forever tal
Music aerosmith akon alicia keys avril lavigne beatles backstreet boys bl<x>ink 182 beyonce knowles black eyed peas britney spears bryan adams bouling soup celion dion christina anguilera dido diddy eifel 6
Movies ςครקєг ๓єєtร ฬєภ๔Y 98' tђє ร๏ยl ς๏llєςt๏г 99' ђย๓คภ ภคtยгє 01' ςค๔єt кєllY 02 คﻮєภt ς๏๔א ๒คภкร 03' tђє lเzzเє ๓ςﻮยเгє ๓๏שเє 03' ςђєคקєг ๒א ๔๏zєภ 03' ค ςเภ๔гєllค รt๏гY 04' гคเรє א๏ยг ש๏เςє 04' เภ รєคгςђ ๏Ŧ รคภ
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I Sing Whenever I Feel Like It

I love to sing to myself.... I sing loud when I am really happy... I sing silently when I feel like laughing... I enjoy joining songs, manipulating it, eating some words and believe me I don't do it... [more]
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  • I Like to Read

    Awakening With Brahmakumaris Yesterday night I saw a TV program “Awakening with Brahamakumari” by Sister Shivani. Albeit I have been to Bhramakumari Meditation Centre in my home town and completed a seven day meditation cours… [more]
  • I Am What I Am

    My Gate Experiences 6th JanuaryFor quite some time I was planning to create a blog for me so that I can reveal my inner side. I am quite an introvert, I don’t usually put my leg in others matter. I always try to … [more]
  • I Am What I Am

    The Day I Changed My Plan For Dbt-jrf 22nd February Just now I read a document by Shikha Shinha, a biotechnika expert, on “How to prepare for DBT JRF”. In that she mentioned that one should aim to study at least 14 hrs a … [more]
  • I Love Science

    I Like To Work On Stem Cell STEM CELL INTEREST: “You all have to present a seminar on your interested topic from next week onwards.” my class teacher announced in the class. It was the first year of my graduatio… [more]