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I Work Out

Help all my life i had to deal with bullys but then i learned you cant let them get to you. you have to stay strong be confudent. and if you let your gard down for one second and they attack like to... [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    Hellps On Its Way hey im starting no bulling foundation club on here its not afficall but togeth we can make a diffrence. togethere we can stop bulling … [more]
  • celeb news

    Posted on: December 21st, 2011 at 7:42AM

    Cody was just at a camp site singing songs haveing a great timein other news niki and drake are marredslen and justin bieber are thinking about geting married and having kids cody is still singal and would date a fanthe # 1 singal is mistal toe by justin bieber the show why am i still singal and when i was 17 are two great shows16 and pregnant teaches you that you shoutl never get prago at 16 dont do ittalor latner  and talor swift  have dateddemi had a nervis brake down and cancled her torthats all the news for now see you at 10:00… [more]


  • sorry guys

    Posted on: December 31st, 2011 at 1:35PM

    hey guys im sorry for not being on here for a wile personal resons i cant tell you i just whant to give a shout out to all my fans i love you guys umm your the only reson i have so many friends thanks for you suport bye ttyl love   crazy4cody … [more]


  • who's hot and who's not

    Posted on: December 21st, 2011 at 4:44AM

     wellcome back im issabella and my brother jack         lets get started    usher  cute  daring and he is a gentalman (hot)  flo rider cute did you know ne was in one of cody simpsons music videos(hot) kentin dutey hot hes a daring wild child as he would say  " you have to reless the tiger with in you" as he said in the 2 seson of shake it up the number one  new show on the list (hot) ok take it away jackbella thorn  with her firey red locks of fire this darein wild chiled is (hot) demi  she is hot but she just had a nervis brake down still hot (HOT )  other news  cody simpson lived is alsterala. justin bieber was shot...............on t.v the show  csi he whannted to do this so bad  he neve… [more]


  • spotlight by: issabella and joe

    Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 at 4:38AM

    today is by: issabella    todays spotlight gose to justin bieber :         justin is cute and adorribel. his number one hit album is mistal toe as it touches girls harts everwere. this teen pop star isnt free he is still in fact dating slen. last year this teen pop star stated " i cant wait to tie the not and have kids" as he said oh extra. as he is hot he loves his fans        he has a car.       … [more]