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fun, try anything once, and love to meet new pp alsol wanting to get fat

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I Have a Crush

I hosted moved back here and had to change schools I hated thus school I hated the people the teachers the rules we had to wear uniform and its my last year too I was mad my mom did this to me on... [more]
  • I Love Holiday Weight Gain

    Yay For Holidays :d i can't believe its just 4th of july and there's so much food i can't belive it i'm eatting more and more each second and i can feel the impact of my belly gtting bigger and bigger my friends even not… [more]
  • I Are Growing A Chubby Belly

    Growing A Belly ever since i was 12 or 13 i wanted to gain weight or put on a few pounds for a cute belly like my friends had i always hung around big girls cause i thought they were cute and shaped nice yes i am bi … [more]
  • I Am Overweight

    Getting Chubby ~ :p i am a little overweight but a little weight won't kill you i poped out two of my jeans and is going up in size i don't mind the weight i kind of like it and my new chubby belly when i walk around my… [more]
  • I Want My Man To Have A Big Belly

    I Like Be Men i love be guys because there so sweet and fun and i would love for my boyfriend or friend to have a big belly so i can rub and feed him more and more until his stomach hangs or looks pregnant ^^ i lov… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    i just found out something werid
    i love girls and fat people ... that it all XD… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    boyfriend issues
    he kind of hates me now that have gain a little weight so far i told i was doing this gaining thing and he just flipped and i was a little disappointed since i thought he loved me for me and he said if i don't lose some weight he can't be seen with me whats with gaining a little weight here and there i'm just a little chubby now and he thinks i look so fat from what i use to be i was 110 to 123 its only 13 pounds more and i plan to gain a little more by time school starts call me crazy cause i am but if you loved me love me for my personality and self not my body shape … [more]