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19 yr old University student, born in the U.S., American-Mexican, English is native language, Spanish second language, French third language sort of.

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I Am In Emotional Pain

My Little Jove/Athena We never met in person, but I was to be your dad. I know what happened to keep that from happening was not our faults, but God knows it hurts me to be alive in this world knowing you are not. Though... [more]
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  • I Stuff

    Stuff I live in Arizona, and of course I am of Mexican heritage but the only way you could tell is by looking at me, so let's just say I'm Mexican, even though I love my country and would die for it without… [more]
  • I Talk

    Talk Would anyone like to talk?… [more]
  • I Long To Remember The Name Of A Friend

    When I was somewhere between 13-16 I began playing online strategy games to pass the time. One day I met another player who I became friends with so that we could mutually benefit and help one anot… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Sitting on a bench in my university
    Just sitting here on a bench under a green tree, the ants are biting me here and there but they are normal ants so I don't mind, syncing my ipod, getting ready for my final oral exam for French, watching people pass by, some attractive young ladies and some individuals with a look of despair on their face. Of course I don't stand much so I don't get much of a reaction which is quite nice, I'm thinking about the child I lost this semester, the relationship that was strained, the older woman who will never love me no matter what I do. Thinking about how lonely I've been despite having good friends near me, thinking about the tournament next weekend where I plan to win 150 bucks to buy some too… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Today I got home from work and my mom left to go to something with my grandmother, my brother and one of my sisters were fighting and I broke up em up, but for some reason this sparked my brothers anger and he came at me and began to punch me, being 19 and he being 17, I didn't want to punch back, that and the fact that he is my brother kept me from doing anything other than holding him so that he wouldn't be able to keep going, but he messed up my back pretty good, I was just done recovering from work, my mom came up and she saw us "fighting" and well more things happened, but that's not important. He's had a history of taking advantage of my love which turns into my inability to hit him wi… [more]
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    Recovery Time
    I'll be done with finals tomorrow,I failed two classes which I expected but thankfully being a Freshman means I have time to make em up, so damage control next semester and I can fall back on my grades for last semester, life it me hard this semester, but it's done now so I should be okay. Things seem like they may return to normal and hopefully stay that way, I completely worn out, too much has happened in too little time, might try to date again in the near future, look for a nice girl this time around, see where things go, focus on my chess career again, jumping back into the pro life next weekend so we'll see how that goes, I might start working out too! So yeah, looking up.… [more]
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    My Ideal Life
    Alright so we'll start with the ideal life, cool huh? Ideally I would like to live in a large town around the time of the Crusades, this town would be near a beautiful river, mountains of great height with snow topped peaks, rolling green hills. This town would have cobblestone paths, lights on every corner, medium sized houses made of brick and dark woods, lots of plants, trees, flowers, and such would be in the town. Everyone would be kind, happy, and selfless. I would have a wife, 3 or 4 young ones, and 2 dogs, I would be the town's blacksmith. My house would have a warm cozy feel to it and would have every shade of red, black, grey, white, yellow, and other colors I find pleasing to my … [more]