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I Write Poetry

Light Of Love The sky is dead and grey, No stars shine in fates line, Longing for hope from within the wind, Crushed within a roses thorns. Tears fell with blissful remorse, [more]
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  • I Write Poetry

    Forgive Me Forigive me for not being better, Do you believe the lie? Please forgive me, The game I play where everyone thinks I am happy, Truly I am broken, Each moment that … [more]
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    Pack Updated 07/03/2013 Alpha- BrokenScars Alpha Female- BloodRedShadow Beta- TheWhiteCrow Beta - AyaQuelin Gamma Male- ArcticFrost. Gamma Female- GraceWolff Delta Male-C… [more]
  • I Want to Say I'm Sorry

    Deeply Sorry I want to apologize for everything I am and for everything I have done. I was never meant to be born, just the stupid unwanted child. I want to tell you daddy how sorry I am for always getting in the … [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    If You Were A Self Harmer (Imagine Yourself As This Person) You are surrounded by people yet feel so alone, The air clings to your scarred body, You push past all those people and breathe deeply, That lump catches your throa… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    searching for the stars
    We all have a little thing that keeps us strong. Mines is the sky, or to be more specific the night sky filled with the stars. I have lived hell, cried so many tears that could make a river. My screams of pain have echoed of so many walls. But every time I see the stars it all goes away.Every night when all my house finally went to sleep, I would never cry. Instead I would go to my window and look to the sky. Every night even when it rained in the valley I could see the stars.They all seemed so far away but it gave me hope to think one day I would get far away from here. Each time I looked and saw a shooting star, I would wish for no more pain. I would just sit there for hours staring at the… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    A person can always smile and make the world believe. They can laugh a fake laughter, they can say they are alright and everyone thinks it is the truth. I have done this ever since I was eight. I have felt so alone for so long that I forget what happiness truly is.I always cry and want someone to hold me and say that things will get better and mean it. They say that life is full of challenges and to over come them you have to face the problems instead of running away from them. What do you do when there is so many challenges that it gets to the point where they over come you? If I told someone what happened word to word they would call me insane. If I asked for help, they would laugh in my f… [more]