Female , 13-15

Hey, Everyone! You guys can either call me by my Username or by "Cole" (no, that isn't my Real Name, just a Nickname).
I was Born and Raised in Sunny San Diego and I'm currently 15-years-old. I only know English, but I am trying to Learn French in School. :) I am a Christian, however I have never attended Church, nor have I read the Entire Bible (yet). I pray only to God, not Jesus or Mary, and though I know I should, I don't Pray often enough. :P

I have light brown hair and Greenish-Bluish-Hazel eyes. My favorite color is Royal Blue and my Favorite Flower is a Tie between a Red Rose and a Black Rose (Real or Fake). When I was Little, Sunflowers used to be my Favorite Flower. :)
I enjoy reading, writing poems, drawing, listening to music, watching TV, and surfing the Web in my Freetime. I am interested in Animals, Horoscopes, Poetry, History (especially American & European), and Foreign Languages. I Love reading Mangas/Doujins/FanFics & I love to watch Anime.

I am a very Emotional and Sensitive Person on the Inside, however, because I have Trouble expressing my Emotions, often times I can appear to be quite Stoic.

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Member Since Mar 19, 2011
Favorite Quote “Riiiight, West… And the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which - just to remind you - is in Italy, doesn’t carry any connotations….” -trajektoria's Drabble.
  • a little Swedish
  • and a little Portuguese
  • and a little German
  • and a little English
  • and a little Italian
  • and a little French
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little Irish
Vices [Things I can't stand in Others:] Hurting Animals/Children, Being Disrespectful to Your Elders. In Myself: Procrastination, anti-social, lazy.
Horoscope Aquarius
Special day 1-27
Books To Kill A MockingBird, Switched, Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Between Shades of Gray, ect.
Music Country, Rock, Industrial metal, Neue Deutsche Härte, ect.
Movies Titanic, Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, The BIrdcage, Seven, Shutter Island, ect.
Local Time May 25th, 4:54 AM

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