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I'm just me. a twisted girl who is stuck within her trying to free herself.

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  • Health Confessions

    Confession 08: I'm sorry.
    I was so hungry, so dehydrated. Last time I ate/drank? Sunday. I think. Now, I ate. And I feel it's all crumbled. It told me not too. But I didn't listen and I stuffed my face. I'm so sorry . guilt, frustration, and confusion now sore the empty room in which I once used to be..… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Confession 05: Guilty.
    Today I ate loads. Too much & Too embarrassed to say. Feeling good about that, but simultaniously guilty. I'm doing good :)right?… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Confession 03:
    I'm.So.hungry.It is 9:15pm in Arizona USA.It is really bad for me to eat this late.I didn't eat supper. I skipped that.I know I need to eat supper, but it's too late.Plus, my fear of gaining weight is way to overpowering right now.So, I'll eat in the morning.Right?… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Confession 10: Mums, thoughts, and help
    I think I have anorexia nervosa..but ive tried telling my mum about it, and she thinks its for atttention and that im "starving myself" for people to feel sory for me-_- and thats not the case. anyways, what im wondering.. is several things, 1)Could I possibly have this hideous disease?  2)Do I need to be serverly underweight for her to finally realize that there is this voice in my head that wont go away and that I need help 3)When will I be diagnosed?  4) In Yuma, the town I live in, there is only 1 ED clinic here and thats called OA. over eaters anonymous. Which clearly, I'm the opposite. I've went once and that was my first and last time. I feel utterly alone and that nobody understan… [more]