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I want a mommy or daddy to spank me when I'm bad and force me to wear diapers

I'm 18 i love to wear diapers, I help others more than my self, I'm into more things than most 18 year old are into so message me and we'll talk

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I Diapered

Diapered So my day started with me haveing fiffy bucks to spend and I was walking around my town I love in and I seen whats called a riftzman pharmacy and I walked and bought whats called tens adult diapers I... [more]
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  • I Was Diapered By My Babysitter

    Diapered At My Aunts My aunt was babysitting me because my mom worked and since I was always over there when she was babysitting me I wet myself pretty bad my pants were covered I was maybe eight years old and I got scold… [more]
  • I Like Being Treated Like A Baby In Diapers

    How I Got My Aunt To Put Me In Diapers when i went to stay with my aunt i told her i had a problem ive been wetting the bed and i didnt want to mess up the guest bed id i wet the bed and i knew she kept diapers in the house adult diapers f… [more]
  • I Tbdl

    Im A Sissy I wear my depends adjustable diapers underneath a skirt and a pink shirt and my hair in pigtails it's was hard letting my hair grow because I don't like it long but it was definitely worth it… [more]
  • Alittle less hate

    Posted on: March 27th, 2013 at 1:32AM

    Just to say if your going to hate on this blog and make me feel like a freak please don't ok because this world needs alittle less hate thanks:) I'm 18 about to finish highschool, I live by my self in a dumpy old apartment in Ohio. My life's style is TBDL witch means teen baby diaper lover. I also have a medical condision and people seem to think people like me are freaks. I ask a question on here and one of the responses was can I go puke now. How does that make me feel? Alittle hurt because for one its a medical condision wat if it was your bother would say that no most likely. I'm not sweating of that it just hurt alittle. Two it's a life style I chose to be into. I don't care what peopl… [more]