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I Have Psychic Experiences

Really Really Scary I have grown up in a family that does not believe at all in anything supernatural or anything out of the ordinary, I became like this too, as I still to this day finding it hard to believe in things... [more]
CrystalEagle has shared 23 Mature Experiences
  • I Used to Be With Someone That Used Me

    Love With My Cousin .. Or Was It ? Since like age 6 or 7 ( I know it's weird and funny ) I was in a relationship with my cousin. She's 3 years younger than myself so you can imagine the disaster .. we used to get naked and touch each o… [more]
  • I Work Out

    The Protein Story Is Killing Me .. How Much Is Enough? I get about120 grams of protein daily from normal food, I don't take protein powder.. but is it enough? I'm about 5'8" (173cm) and weigh about 165-166 pounds (75kgs) some say I need about 160-170 gram… [more]
  • I 've Realized That There's Some Really Dumb People On Here

    It's Full, But Still It's Nice, And There Are Some Good People Here.. EP is full of weird people weird groups weird stories, stalkers posers fakes and of course perverts, I once created a female account last year just to see, made a few comments and perverts were coming… [more]