Female , 31-35
Greater London UK

I'm happy-go-lucky, more ups than downs type of girl. I enjoy talking with people who are equally relaxed, fun and don't mind chit chatting with strangers. Although on a larger scale we are not really strangers as we are all part of this vast universe linking in together. I appreciate the contrast in every character and enjoy the rendezvous I get to go on with some. I am an open book and welcome those into my field who operate on a similar frequency. Darkness is not something I welcome even though coming to a place like this there is plenty. I enjoy light, and try to stay focused and positive (not always possible though). If there are people out there who feel the same, my doors are open.

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I Am Psychic, Spiritual

Thank You Psychics! I came on this website in search of something, not sure of what. All I know is that I love to talk to new people and share experiences that are real. Here I have read some stories of Psychics and I... [more]
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    E-buddies I am a busy mum of two but I am still young. I moved away from all of my school friends when I hit 16. I do miss banter between friends but most of all I enjoy chit chatting with strangers. I find peo… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I sometimes regret the life I have chosen to live...
    Sometimes I feel a deep regret of the life I have lived. I imagine that if I knew then what I know now, I would completely change the decisions I made. I have said in my mind that should I return for another go at life, I would do soo many exciting things. More so I would the things I wanted to do and not to be so shy. I almost finding myself wishing I could start again without the fear and shyness. That is just one part of me though.… [more]