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I Want To Find A Good Single Man

Time Is Ticking i really would like to find a good for me type single man that just enjoys the simple things in life. i cant even find someone where i live cuz everyone here is taken. how hard is it really to find a... [more]
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  • I Am Scared To Talk To A Guy I Find Interesting

    I Am Scared To Talk To Him i don't understand why but I'm scared to death to take a chance and talk to this guy. … [more]
  • I Give Up On Love

    I Give Up i give up on finding love or even a person to talk to. the way i see it is ill never be good enough for anyone. and ill never make anyone happy. who in there right mind would wana be with me all i do … [more]
  • I Was In a Tornado

    I Was In A Tornado April 27 2011 i was in the tornado that hit cullman alabama on april 27 2011. i have never witnessed mother nature so close since i lived in miami, which was hurricain andrew. the poor little town i live in was des… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Always Stuck In My Mind every day i get up and wonder whats wrong with me? im 30 yrs old go to school, work and raise 2 awesome boys,but still im always alone. im new to my city and all i have is myself to talk to. the place… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    i have a crush on someone that doesnt know i am even alive
    i have a crush on someone i met but they dont even know im alive. i dont want to freak them out by telling them so i just stay to myself. when all i really wana do is be able to talk to them but im a dork and sooo scared to. hes a dork to which is kool cuz we both like the same things and stuff like that but i just dont know if ill ever tell him, probly not.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i thought i actually found somebody
    it was awesome i thought i finally found somebody to be with. i honestly thought he liked me. at least he acted that way. we went to the park to hang out. it was great. but now 2 days no call no show. and the only thing i told him was that i liked cameros better than cobolts lol now i admit i went for someone that was physically and mentally what i like he even played video games he was great. but of course as always im alone again. and i guess thats how itll be for a while. maybe it was cuz i didnt make enough money or maybe i just wasnt pretty enough but hell at least tell me you dont like me dont be fake. but hey i guess thats what i get for even attempting to talk to someone.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    if only i could tell you
    if only i could tell you. the distance inbetween us would not keep us apart. i seem so into u and i wonder if ur into me. if i knew otherwise i would fly there and just grab you and hold u in my arms then we would never be alone anymore. it would be great. we could do the things we like and never have to think about what people were thinking about us cuz we would be happy and they wouldnt exist. but instead i dont exist and this is all wrong and tomarrow when i arise from my slumber the only thing i will see when i wake up will be my puppy and an otherwise empty space in my life.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    fallen for a dream
    i see you in my dreams i imagine what your voice would sound like. i can feel your touch even though your not there. the thought of even touching your hand sends chills down my spine. it takes alot to catch my interest and now you have it, but all you do is act like i dont exist.we talk here and there but it isnt enough. i long to just see you and feel your touch. looking at your picture just makes me wonder more if i i tried could it really work? would you finally see me in a world so full of compition. and its so very odd the way that i feel. i just know if you could see me for me it would all be diffrent. but i will never know and you will never know that i have fallen for you ever since … [more]