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I Hate Bullies

He Killed Himself Because Of Bullying... Yesterday was a normal school day, and everybody went home as usual, except it turned out it wasn't going to be such an average day. I was on Facebook when I saw the first post. It was a status... [more]
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    I'm a cutter...
    I only just started about a month ago, but already it's snaked its way into my daily life. I love the feeling of control that I get from it, and the relief I feel afterwards almost makes the idea of self-infliction seem not so bad. For years I had always been against it, but now that I do it, it doesn't seem so menacing. Sometimes I just lay in bed rubbing the scars because it comforts me. Some people may look at me like some sort of freak, but once you look through my eyes everything is completely different.… [more]