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I Am Gonna Go Outside And Enjoy Nature

Tornado Was just looking on E.P. and saw this group, next thing I know the Tornado Sirens are going off. Whats the chances of that!!!! [more]
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  • I Wear Panties But Am Straight

    Can't Have Enough I have been wearing panties since about the age of 14. After I was married for a couple of years I decided to show my wife, who was not to thrilled at first. She has grown to deal with it and does not… [more]
  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    Not A Lot I was spanked several times as a kid. the most memorable was when i was about 10 years old. I went shopping with my dad and sister, for what i can't remember. I was in the sporting goods … [more]
  • I Have Had Sex In a Car

    Lost Virginity Back in high school, went to a party and hooked up with a girl. We ended up drinking quite a bit of alcohol. We ended up in the back of her car out in front of the house where the party was. We had se… [more]
  • I Hate Guys Who Hit Women

    Watched Once, And Will Never Let It Happen Again. Watched as a wife was hit several times, went to step in and she begged me not to. Told myself that will never happen again, I will never ever stand back and watch again. Hit a women infront of me and… [more]