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I Had To Give Up My Child

One Day I Will Come Back For You Princess I Promise. I dont know how to evein start this. I dont evein like thinking about it but i need to talk to anything say something write it all down. All i ask is please do not judge me i am all ready suffering... [more]
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    i have a crush on Dwight schrute from the office. He is so hot and cranky, my boyfriend makes fun of me. I don't care tho he is my little crush =)… [more]
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    i was addicted to IMVU
    okay so i know a lot of you will think this is funny but it wasn't for me it was sad and pathetic and i will never forgive myself. i got addicted to this stupid game right when my little girl was 1 years old. At first i would go on when i could but then after a month or 2 i went bonkers and i was on there 24.7 ..7 days a week it was really sad and i am never going to forgive myself i Neglected my little girl for 2 years and i neglected my boyfriend. my real life was falling apart while my imvu life was becoming grate till one day i looked over my little girl and she just looked at me all sad i was so into this stupid thing that i didn't plan anything for her birthday even with that i didn't … [more]