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too much of nothing ... and even more with out anyone.

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I Had A Dream

I frequently have dreams where I'm naked, others are naked around me, or everyone is naked. The thing is, I don't feel embrassed or uncomfortable in these dreams. Quite the opposite actualy. I feel... [more]
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  • I Am Afraid I Will Never Find Someone to Really Love Me

    Nobody Wants Me My love is not good enough. Any girl I have had a crush on. Any girl that's I've liked. Anyone I've loved .. or even wanted to love .. has made that perfectly clear. Nobody wants me. Nobody wants t… [more]
  • I Have No Friends

    Monster Without Friends I've never had any friends. Not even an internet-friend. I'm ugly. Nobody wants to be friends with, let alone love, a monster. I don't even have anyone to ask to go out with, not even to a movie, o… [more]
  • I Was Bullied

    Bullying/Abuse I wish we'd stop calling it 'bullying', and call it what it really is. Abuse. I was bullied everyday, all day, for 11 years. I vomited each morning because I knew what was going to happen, and knew… [more]
  • I Am Unlikeable

    A Life of Being Unliked How many times in my life have I been told that I'm unlikeable. Huh, they seem to blur after awhile. You hear them say it, but .. you just accept it. They're going to keep saying it anyway. Try to … [more]