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I Love Poems

How To Make The Sun Shine For You i want the sun to shine for you and  make your body warm too.right now i cant be happy and brightall i bring is sadness and cause a fightwill this ever change i dont even... [more]
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  • I Think My Parent Is A Psychopath

    Your Not The Only One to be real I can tell you over and over I am the only person I know that is completely sane but different people are who they are just enjoy all I do … [more]
  • I Want a Pet Cow

    I Wanna With A Cow For A Long Time the thing I would love to do to a cow is an addiction I have had my whole life and I know its gross but love doing it when I was four years old I got my first friend other than my brother was a cat an… [more]
  • I Am Afraid to Comment

    Leave Me Alone, Please Dont Leave Me i dont want to love you but i do, i dont want to kiss you but i do it . i dont want to be happy with you , but i am, i dont want to give you any thing ,but i give you every thing, i dont want to have … [more]
  • I Want to Share What Made Me Happy Today

    What Made Me Happiiiii Today! I woke up and saw him. didnt sleep well because I slept in the living room with the kids me and him dont get along and dont know each other all that well, because im a drug addict i have been for y… [more]