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I Hate My Dad

Death Before Birth   Before, I was born my father wanted my mom to kill me.   My mom told me this at a VERY young age.   I hate his ways now. He forgets my birthday, cant remember... [more]
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    I have
    I have 19 inches of hair to grow in 2 years. I am measuring in again today! I will be sure to update!… [more]
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    im not crazy......i hear voices in my head tho sometimes nice sometimes evil is this normal?… [more]
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    I really don't feel comfortable telling this but....I wear a tail..and ears. Both belong to bunnys. Ummm... for the tail I think I was 4 maybe younger. I just got a bunny tail for Easter and since then I keep wearing it. The ears I brought in the same year but, like a month or two later. I don't feel complete without them. If college (was school) I always had them in my purse or tote. At receess or lunch break I wore them. No, I don't wear the same tail and ears. I have over 1,000 white fluffy bunny tails and tall (but flopable) bunny ears (with pink inside for the ears). I attach ears to all my jackets,hoodies, etc. I have white belts with bunny tails on them. For hoodies and anything else … [more]
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    Posted on: June 26th, 2010 at 12:08AM

    i want to sing and dance for a career. my mom and familys says i cant sing.... should i try anyway?My mood: extremely blank… [more]