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I have to say I'm a nice person to a lot of people also I'm pretty friendly get confused a lot though

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I Have a Confession

After I had a panic attack, I came to realize that I'm a blemish to my friends. I've decided that when the school year ends and summer starts, I'm going to detach myself from all my friends. They don... [more]
  • I Hide My Feelings From Everyone

    Wondering Sometimes I wonder if I can every open up to other people. I believe I'm open but I always feel like there are some feelings that I never show people. I have a mask on all the time hiding how I really… [more]
  • I Poems

    Envy I have no right to be jealous, I'm the one who has the boyfriend. Your the one who is single, yet for some reason. My heart clenches, when I see you not with me.… [more]
  • I Poems

    Eyes I could drown in your eyes. Their oceans of warmth. They see no fault in me. They seem to accept me for me. Your eyes captivate me, they could be so cold yet they a… [more]
  • I Poems

    Curses (free Verse I Think) Love and hate are a curse. Emotions can make our lives miserable or happy. People's whose lives are miserable feel the emotion hate towards people who are happy. S… [more]