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I Am a Hopeless Romantic

I Wish I wish someone would love me like i thought he did. I wish i hadn't fooled myself by hoping for a tomorrow I wish i knew yesterday,what i knew today.. I wish i... [more]
  • I Am In Love With Someone Who May Not Love Me

    I Miss My Jere... He's older,but i can talk to him easier than anyone else,i can trust him and i love him with all my heart...We tried being together,i was happy with what we had,i knew there would be more to it when i… [more]
  • I Love My Mom But I Hate Her

    Why Do I Even Bother... Yesterday,i had to cook and clean and wait on my mother.then she went out and left me to care for my 4 and 5 year old brothers and 12 year old sister.At bed time,i tuck everyone in and try and wait up… [more]
  • I Sleep With a Stuffed Animal

    Honey Momo The Rabbit I've had Honey MoMo for forever. I got him when i was seven and was living in a homeless shelter with my mom and little sister. These really nice people donated christmas presents =) Anyway,since then… [more]
  • I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over

    I Am Unbeakable! I find myself listening to Unbreakable by Fireflight ALL the time. =D absolutely love it.Not to mention for the past few months,things have really been going downhill for me.Listening to this makes me… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I feel terrible...
    In the second grade i got a lot of attention from boys and was even "married" once or twice. but then one day a new boy came in and i was immediately smitten. I can't tell you how many times i scraped my knee on purpose just so he'd hold my hand and walk me to Ms.Spicers class. One day we met up at the afterschool program and we snuck away to the back of the school...he gave me a peanut butter cup and a flower from the front of the school and i was really happy. then we know,those little pecks that barely classify as pecks that are a big deal to everyone under ten. well anyway we were doing that and then i look up and i see his parents behind the fence and i panic and run away,the… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Then i'm sorry...
    Am i really that bad? So terrible that it had to happen twice? each time i feel like i've found the one,and he seemed to feel the same way,and then, he cuts me off so abruptly... I dont know whats wrong with me....and i'm sorry that i'm unable to fix it.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Jealousy =(
    I hate the emotion,and i hate how it's impossible NOT to feel it sometimes.I hurts,really it does. Here i am talking with the one person who really gets me,I know the chances of a future with him are slim, but i hope anyway.  and i can't help but think about all the other girls that must also know how wonderful he is...are they hoping the same thing i am? are they closer to getting it than i? am i a bad person for feeling this way?… [more]