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I Have An Eating Disorder

I see girls with bones sticking out from under their skin and want it. I touch my collar bone all the time because it reminds me of my ****** up 'goal' to have them more pronounced. I lie in bed at... [more]
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  • I Tried to Kill Myself

    I Overdosed. I Survived. I tried to kill myself a while back. About two months ago. It was my girlfriend who called the ambulance, and I hate her for it. I wish she had just let me die. Not many people understand what it's li… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I'm just looking for other pro-suicide people.
    I want to kill myself. The people I've told in my life want to 'help' me. But the truth is I just want to find some other people who think that the decision to kill myself should be mine. I just want someone to understand that I just really want to die. My partner has told me that the reason I haven't killed myself is because I actually think life is worth living, but the truth is I keep living because I'm too scared to survive my suicide attempt. I want to get dead, I don't want to walk away from a suicide attempt. I want some people who are like minded and I want to talk to them. But I can't seem to find anyone. And I feel more alone now then ever. I used to hope and dream that someday I w… [more]