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I Believe The Anime World Is Real

Ever since I was 6 I would always see anime people in my dreams. The dreams would feel so real as if I was actually somewhere else. Growing up I would watch Naruto, Bobobo, Yugioh, DragonballZ things... [more]
  • I Have A Broken Friendship

    I've been best friends with this person ever since I moved here which was in 3rd grade. We were inseparable and had so many things in common. But then a few months ago, we stopped hanging out. She sta… [more]
  • I Can See Shadow People

    It was the day before Christmas in 2011. I was just playing with my dsi in the dark, but the tv was on. I looked over to the end of my bed and I saw a dark splotch. It was now the glare in my eye beca… [more]
  • I Can't Distinguish What's Reality And What's A Dream Anymore

    My dreams feel more real everyday. If someone hurts me or touches me I feel it when I wake up. If my feelings get hurt I feel my heart and chest throb. Then there's that other world. What's even weird… [more]
  • I Love Kingdom Hearts Forever

    The first ever Kingdom Hearts game I ever played was KH 358/2 Days. Now normally I don't cry when I play video games but (SPOILER) I cried so much, when Roxas defeated Xion and then she was disappeari… [more]