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About I am a fairly positive person and I believe in God and art. I am a very talented and skilled visual artist and am pretty well-versed at many other things. One of my proudest moments was graduating from college and another happy moment was receiving a thank you card from Pres, Obama in response to 2 prints of a drawing I'd done of him. This is not to brag, just am proud. I owe all good things to God. I'm friendly almost to a fault, but lately life and its downs has been darkening my mood more and more over the years. It is a struggle to maintain yourself and who you are when you are always fighting negatives. For every up, there are, like, 5 downs. But life doesn't have to stay that way. Just want it to return to the sunny side faster, though... I have a naturally a cheerful disposition, not super-moody, so yuck...
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