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I am a fairly positive person and I believe in God and art. I am a very talented and skilled visual artist and am pretty well-versed at many other things. One of my proudest moments was graduating from college and another happy moment was receiving a thank you card from Pres, Obama in response to 2 prints of a drawing I'd done of him. This is not to brag, just am proud. I owe all good things to God.
I'm friendly almost to a fault, but lately life and its downs has been darkening my mood more and more over the years. It is a struggle to maintain yourself and who you are when you are always fighting negatives.
For every up, there are, like, 5 downs. But life doesn't have to stay that way. Just want it to return to the sunny side faster, though... I have a naturally a cheerful disposition, not super-moody, so yuck...

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I Listen to Music When I'm Upset

I Rawk It Out When I Am Pissed I love most music genres (except most country and I do not do heavy metal), anyway, but when I am angry or upset, I tend to turn the volume up on rock. Mainly Linkin Park with their rap/rock/emo sound... [more]
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  • I Look Way Younger Then I Am

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  • I Think You Should Pull Up Your Pants

    Just Nasty And Ignorant Pants hanging off your butt is disgusting. It looks like you are trying to either get a head start to the bathroom or that you already used the toilet in your pants. Nasty. It looks ridiculous o… [more]
  • I Love To Get Ready To Go Out

    It's The Anticipation... The anticipation and the looking forward to of a day or night of fun and great memories is the motivation for getting ready! I love to put together my best hair, make-up, clothing and jewelry lo… [more]
  • I Love Cities At Night

    Stress Buster Going out at night is a real stress-buster. At night there is so much to entertain that you forget your problems for a few hours or all night! There is nothing like city night life, from New Haven to … [more]