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I am a fairly positive person and I believe in God and art. I am a very talented and skilled visual artist and am pretty well-versed at many other things. One of my proudest moments was graduating from college and another happy moment was receiving a thank you card from Pres, Obama in response to 2 prints of a drawing I'd done of him. This is not to brag, just am proud. I owe all good things to God.
I'm friendly almost to a fault, but lately life and its downs has been darkening my mood more and more over the years. It is a struggle to maintain yourself and who you are when you are always fighting negatives.
For every up, there are, like, 5 downs. But life doesn't have to stay that way. Just want it to return to the sunny side faster, though... I have a naturally a cheerful disposition, not super-moody, so yuck...

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I Listen to Music When I'm Upset

I Rawk It Out When I Am Pissed I love most music genres (except most country and I do not do heavy metal), anyway, but when I am angry or upset, I tend to turn the volume up on rock. Mainly Linkin Park with their rap/rock/emo sound... [more]
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  • I Look Way Younger Then I Am

    Not Cracking Yet... Even though I am 32, I can pass for anywhere between 18-25. I am not just saying this, I have HEARD this from others! People are taken aback when I say my age and they say, " don't lo… [more]
  • I Think You Should Pull Up Your Pants

    Just Nasty And Ignorant Pants hanging off your butt is disgusting. It looks like you are trying to either get a head start to the bathroom or that you already used the toilet in your pants. Nasty. It looks ridiculous o… [more]
  • I Love To Get Ready To Go Out

    It's The Anticipation... The anticipation and the looking forward to of a day or night of fun and great memories is the motivation for getting ready! I love to put together my best hair, make-up, clothing and jewelry lo… [more]
  • I Love Cities At Night

    Stress Buster Going out at night is a real stress-buster. At night there is so much to entertain that you forget your problems for a few hours or all night! There is nothing like city night life, from New Haven to … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Sometimes I Just Want to Die
    I have so many things to be grateful for I will first say because if I don't mention that, it will seem as if I am saying God hasn't done for me. He has. Always. And God is real. I have felt Him. That is my experience & noone can take that from me by convincing me there is no God. There is. It is my and many people's experience. He has come through many times in terrible binds. Suddenly all was well. But I have to also say my problems are increasing and they are getting deeper. Many roblems I caused. I have guts to admit it. Other problems I clearly did not ask for and yet they happen. I still live at home in my early 30s with a mother I do not get along with. I lost my car (accident), I wo… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    My Relationship with My Mother Sucks
    My mother...she has a good heart, but she has another side that she blatantly denies even exists. That side of heris called: self-righteous and a huge nag. All of the arguments between us (and I am in my early 30s by the way) I CAN admit are caused by us BOTH. Shehas said I am the one. She is always telling me "it's you (meaning ME) "when strife arises between us. Even if she accuses me of doing/saying something I KNOW I did not do/say, she will nag the s*** out of me trying to convince me I am a liar (using that word or other phrasing) or try to convince me I am full of it or even crazy by saying stuff like "you are never wrong" or"you are a very forgetful person" when these are things I sh… [more]