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I'm fairly boring despite the absurd history of my family. I just ramble on about random things. One must wonder why anyone would bother to watch me natter on about gnomes and the mating rituals of slugs and whatnot, while often breaking down into pure gibberish. See? I wasted several moments of your life, just now. Moments you could have spent eating cake, or having a baby, or observing the mating rituals of slugs.

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I Want to Share 100 Things About Me

Wow, I Did It. I didn't even think there were this many things about me. 1. I don't eat as much as I probably should. 2. I don't sleep as much as I probably should. 3. I think more than I... [more]
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  • I Was Mistaken For a Girl

    Conspiracy! I think I've always been rather feminine. Long eyelashes seem to be inherent in the┬ámales of my family. My hair and nails also grow unnaturally fast and long for some reason. My family says that they… [more]
  • I Have Long Nails

    Why Must It Always Be A Problem? I have been told repeatedly that many women would covet my nails and the speed at which they grow. Although the appearance of my nails doesn't matter to me, they're quite useful (for ope… [more]
  • I Talk to Myself

    I Barely Even Notice It just... happens, I guess. Sometimes I just suddenly realize that I've been talking to myself for several minutes. Oh, and apparently I consider myself to be more than one person, as I often refer t… [more]
  • I Feel Trapped

    Incompatible With Myself First, I'm not suicidal, or even that uncomfortable with my appearance. It's not really that simple. When I was a kid, I only ever had a handful of friends at a time. Some would move away,… [more]
  • The Red Eye of Newfound Brilliance!

    Posted on: September 20th, 2011 at 6:07AM

    I feel great. No, really. I mean, I'm a little depressed, but that's irrelevant.I woke up about twelve hours ago with melancholy music stuck in my head (hence the small amount of irrelevant depression mentioned earlier) and the knowledge that I had overslept by several hours bringing me to the brink of panic. Eventually, I noticed that my right eye had turned red overnight ("night" here meaning "day"), as if irritated. I ignored it, seeing as how it generally goes back to normal eventually. It still hasn't, but I don't really care.Anyway, I'm sure that all you non-existent readers out there are wondering how that makes me feel great. It doesn't. It's probably just a coincidence. Or... is it?… [more]


  • Here Are Some Boring Things That Happened.

    Posted on: September 16th, 2012 at 4:01AM

    Well, my Internet connection seems to be working now. I just hope it stays that way. So, anyway, I have some new medication I have to take daily, but I keep forgetting to do so. Heh, I barely even remember what it's for. Some sort of mental/brain/autism thing. I've also been feeling strangely energetic lately (I doubt it's related to the medication). Some very slight progress has been made in my life in the past two or three days (hard to tell which when you're awake for thirty hours at a time). I'm just trying to get the most out of myself while I can, because I have a feeling it won't last very long. I guess that's about it. I think I'll go look for some food, and then maybe go to sleep, w… [more]


  • Dear Madonna/Justin Timberlake...

    Posted on: September 25th, 2011 at 9:27AM

    Last night, I was compulsively searching through radio stations (as I always do) when I happened upon a station playing "4 Minutes". Several matters were then brought to my attention. One: The obvious. This song apparently lasts for four seconds beyond the end of the world. Is this supposed to be symbolic? Are you trying to say that your silly little song will survive despite the fact that no one will be there to hear it? I think you should have cut it precisely at four minutes (even if it's mid-sentence) long and then stuck in about twenty seconds of silence to promote a feeling of horror in the listeners, although that might have induced a repeat performance of the 1938 "War of the Worlds"… [more]


  • This Title is not a Random Short Exclamation/Statement/Whatever

    Posted on: February 18th, 2012 at 1:29PM

    I have been nagging myself for a while about the titles of an unacceptable percentage of my posts here. Things like "Gah.", "Oh, goodie.", and "Well." tick me off for some reason. So, I decided to make a post with a descriptive title. Unfortunately, it only describes itself, but... Anyway, I also have a thing against me skipping a line, starting a new one with "anyway", and possibly changing the subject. If I had a penny for every time I did that, I would have... some... pennies. Okay, I've got to give this post some substance, so let's start by recalling a part of the post "Gah.". In said post, I whinged for a bit on how certain words and phrases don't make sense when you think about them. … [more]