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I Have a Confession

I don't know why, but I find Uncle Dolan comics to be immensely funny. Even though they're very stupid sometimes. Regards ;) [more]
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  • I Love Skyrim

    Sky Above, Voice Within. Hello, fellow Dovahkiin's! I must say I freaking love this game, the symbols it uses and the philosophy behind it is great. Of course the other Elder Scrolls games were very well done too, but this is… [more]
  • I Drank Alcohol Before I Was 21

    This Is Dumb In my country you only have to be 18 to drink alcohol, nevertheless, I drank it already by the time I was 15. Back in the day the rules were way more lenient, and bartenders could give kids some beer … [more]
  • I Need To Study For Exams

    In A Sticky Situation I must study for my Civil law exam next Tuesday, the material is ungodly long. What need I do to boost my brain? Any ideas?… [more]
  • I Like Dolan Meme

    Regards, Uncle Dolan Hello my brolans, acually is Uncle Chris speaking. I rly enjoy reading Dolan comics because he's totally mad and funny. He is a caricature of our being, in a distorted Dysney world. So peopl pls, that… [more]