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I'm a hopeful Girly Girl, but still have a bit of a tom boy in me. I dream to be a Harajuku Oshare Girl. I love to dress in different style trends because I don't label myself and wear one style of clothing. I'm into all styles and wearing one style can get boring for me. I am indeed a Trekie (Star Trek fan). I am an anime freak. I am a video game junkie. I loveeee the Resident Evil Series and a big fan of Shigeru Miyamoto's games.

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I Have a Confession

ENOUGH PPL!! The only opinions I give a **** about and have validity are the people who have read ALL the books before EVER seeing the movie! Your opinions aren't worth ****! You have no credibility... [more]
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  • I Want to Love Passionately and to Be Loved Passionately

    Leo=Passion An old poem of the passion I had for my ex. Enjoy! =) My sun once again pulled me out of that dark cloud that grew into a very hurtful storm. That beautiful warm sun that keeps me m… [more]
  • I Am Attracted to Nerdy Guys

    I Like Guys Who Are Like Or Can Relate To Me. A Nerd! There are many different versions of nerds and I have been many of them. I am a math geek, a video game nerd, a band geek, an art nerd, and a book worm. By choice I have only dated two guys in my… [more]
  • I Have Watched a Sunrise

    Morning Sunrise Many times I've watched the sun come up, and every time I do, I soak it in my pours and let it recharge my soul. Sometimes I wish I heard music every time the sun rises like in the movie City of A… [more]
  • I Watch You Sleep

    My Secret Affection When I can't sleep at night or I have a nightmare, I feel comforted by your soft breathing as you sleep. Your warmth radiating from your body is a warm blanket that makes me feel safe. I would ru… [more]
  • Lost in a Dazed Fog

    Posted on: February 1st, 2011 at 3:51PM

    When I don't dream so well, my day is affected, so now I feel like I'm in a fog (dazed, confused, depressed). Forgetting to bring m homework to school, missed breakfast because there is nothing to eat, not knowing what I should be doing while I'm at school early, I'm just sitting here blank faced and hungry. Having to sleep on the floor of a friends apartment for a month until I find a new home is depressing. All my precious belongings stuck in boxes like a prison. I feel like my belongings; imprisoned. I clean my friends apartment to feel some sense of acomplishment, only to have the things I clean dirtied in an instant by college boys; my acomplishment lost. I feel like such a failure. My … [more]


  • Another Fight

    Posted on: October 8th, 2010 at 10:43PM

    Sitting on the bus I can't stop the flow of the tears in my eyes. For an hour I almost convinced myself to turn back, but what does that say about myself? That I'm a coward? That he won't forgive me? How could I turn back? I was scared. The one person who said would never hurt me did. I felt cornered; trapped with no one to go to for comfort. So I fled. There was no anger, just utter sadness. Sitting at home that once felt safe, now feels foreign. I'm scared. Panic ensues. All that's running through my head is how much I miss him; how much I need to be near him again. Am I so pathetic that I cannot go one day without him in my arms? But the thought of how much he scared me still… [more]


  • Inspiration at a Loss

    Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 at 9:34PM

    Even though I work, go to school, have a place of my own, inspiration comes rarely now a days. I love the few people in my life, but they are also at a loss in inspiration to continue thier aspirations of self gratitude. It's as if there is a major piece missing in our lives and we all know who that particular person is, yet there is nothing we can do to get him to come visit us. Either life is too busy or there is self regret in him to return to us. I can only express the longing I have for him and watch my friends miss him more. It feels like a family and I can't keep them together alone. So I keep going in this mindless circle to keep my sanity in tact cause I don't have the heart to let … [more]


  • Leo the Lonely Lioness.

    Posted on: May 20th, 2010 at 1:30AM

    The Lioness is burning in me wanting to explode! A lioness needs companionship. Lost in the desert burning with her blazing body. It sweats with passion. The fire inside is burning its way to you. Every pulsating beat of my heart egnights my soul. Serenity. My flaming kiss; intoxicating. Waiting for you as I roar to the rising sun!… [more]