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I Wish I Was Little Again

The Innocence Of A Child I wish I could go back to the time when there was nothing to worry about. Back when everything was happy and my biggest problem was if I did well on my homework. I remember playing in the back yard... [more]
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  • I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

    Go For It! I'm very honest, and I'd love to see how far you guys can push me. So far I haven't been asked anything I didn't want to answer.. can one of you find something I'm shy about?… [more]
  • I Think I Am Ugly

    Sometimes... Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't want to leave the house. I feel like there's no point in socializing because no one will like me. I feel like I need to be pretty to be liked, and I don't fe… [more]
  • I Am Really Insecure

    .. In Weird Ways Sometimes I look in the mirror and say, wow I AM pretty, why do I get so down on myself? then other days I look and want to cry because I only see flaws. I know people think I'm pretty, and guys say I… [more]
  • I Want To Explore An Abandoned Mental Asylum

    I Have. Near my house there is an abandoned hospital. When it was first built it was used to house prisoners of war in 1952. After the war they converted it into a mental institution. If you google this place… [more]