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I Miss My Ex-best Friend

Were those years a test of trust? Updated 4/13/15: I used to have a best friend for 9 years. I met this guy back in middle school. I thought he was a typical normal person but little did I know their was something weird about... [more]
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  • I Trust God

    He Leads The Way Through out 2011, I started talking to god as if he was my best friend. I was lost, hopeless, angry, and depressed about my life. I didn't feel it until I started attending a Christian church then it … [more]
  • I Love Christian Music

    Edgy Rock I was first introduced to this type of music late 2009-eary 2010. Firefight was one of the first bands I listened to. I was blown away by the lead singer and the songs. I'm not a Christian, though I e… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    The Night Awaits Edited 6/9/14: I spend my nights alone in my room or on the road driving. I don't call anyone or text. I personally feel that I just need to shut out the ones I love the most for a good 2-3 hour… [more]
  • I Don't Like Being Touched By Strangers

    Guards were Down I used to have a best friend when I was in elementary school for 6+ years. He continued to be my friend when we both went to middle school together. We were both in 8th grade at the time. One cold mor… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Revision safe to do?
    I am currently revising a short story that I wrote 6 months ago about an ex best friend. At the time (May 2011), I wrote it while I had my emotional break down. Nothing didn't make any sense and it sounded like all the events were a mess. In current times, I no longer care for the person but those thought still sneak into my mind and mess some good days of my life. So far I am half way done looking at it and making changes. Though I am keeping to theme of that time. I seem to be okay looking at it again. Also I am taking English this semester at college so I mind as well brush up on my grammar and writing as well.… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Lost at the bar
    Last night I had 2 beers and a shot of vodka, and OMG I freakin spilled my 2nd beer (even though I was almost done with it). I told the nice girl I was sorry. I asked for water, a few minutes later she offered another water for me, right when I moved my glass, the damn thing broke... I couldn't believe it. I simply said "please close out my tab please!" I had to get out before I caused anymore trouble. She said its okay, but it wasn't to me.. I left her and extra tip for my troubles. I left frustrated and mad at myself. I went home to go sleep the crappy moment.… [more]