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A workaholic with no social life. All my friends have moved out of town and I'm stuck with a good paying job that I don't want to leave.

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Favorite Quote Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you but trusting them not to.
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I Love My Car

Performance & Luxury I have a Holden Statesman with the open road perfomance of a V8 and the luxuries that a Statesman has being top of the line. Boys love their toys :-) [more]
  • I Dont Believe In Cheating

    Unforgivable Cheating is cheating and to me is unforgivable! There is no excuse for it whatsoever! If you feel alone, feel the need to be with someone else, confused, have doubts in a relationship then you work i… [more]
  • I Smoke Cigarettes

    I Smoke But I Consider Other Things As Well I have smoked since I left high school in 1992, During them years there was a recession and I found it hard to get even a casual job with pretty much no work experience. In them days smokes were cheap… [more]
  • I Dont Believe In Cheating

    Deja Vu Every woman in my life has cheated on me or used me as an option rather than a priority. Knowing how it feels and how humiliating it is I could never do that to anyone I love. Just don't understand ho… [more]
  • I Have Been Cheated On

    Best friend gone How do you can you find a best friend again when after one betrays you in a way that is so cruel? How do you learn to trust again? Everyone needs a best friend. I have a best mate but he has a yo… [more]