Female , 13-15

I'm funny, a good friend, and chatty. Dance is my life and passion, and I dance all the time. I'm very friendly and I don't exclude or ignore anyone. Luv you all, Grace

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Favorite Quote Heart don't fail me now, courage don't desert me -Anastasia Romanov
  • a little Lebanese
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little American
Horoscope Cancer
Special day 7-19
Books mystery and friendship
Music pop
Movies Secret of the Mountain and Who is Simon Miller?
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I Have a Confession

My family has no idea I'm on EP. I think my mother would have a heart attack if she found out. I got a new email address, (the one I have, my dad has under "parental controls" so I couldn't do it on... [more]
  • I Have Funny Classmates

    The Best Classmates Ever As most of you know, I'm home schooled, so I don't have classmates. However, I go to a performing arts school two days a week, and that's when the fun starts! It's a very small class, a bunch of 6-8th… [more]
  • I Am a Dancer

    Dance- My Poem As free as a bird, high in the sky, Soaring above the clouds, as though I could fly. When I dance, I'm like the wind Without a single care Floating, spinning, jumping… [more]
  • I Hate Braces

    I Hate Braces I can honestly say that I hate braces. I first got them when I was nine. I just got them off recently. God, they were torture. When I would go to have them looked at, it would hurt for ages. I just go… [more]
  • I Am a Cat Lover

    I Really Love Cats I have loved cats for years. But I don't have one. Why? Because of my mom. She loves cats as much as I do, but for some reason, she won't let me get one! Any ideas on convincing her? She had a cat whe… [more]