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I Want To Know Your List Of 10 Things You Look For In A Lover

1 kindness 2 sophistication 3 attentiveness 4. Sincerity 5. Maturity and drive 6. Work ethic 7. Vulnerability 8. Personality 9. Dedication... [more]
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  • I Lost a Child

    I have a daughter who passed and I think every day show me a sign you are with me . I realized this morning - she is with me in my heart , my pictures and in my words . I love you baby a… [more]
  • I Will Tell You 10 Things About Me

    1 I am easily offended by rudeness 2 I had to say goodbye to someone who wouldnt be honest with me here at ep . 3 my birthday is in a few weeks and I made plans to go skydiv… [more]
  • I Want To Know What Attire You Are Wearing To Work Today

    Today's outfit My hair in a ponytail - black shorts and a white tank top Yup - I am working from home . … [more]
  • I Love My Daughter

    I told my daughter when I am old I will live with her and her family ( she is young ) Her response to me was: well there will be rules lady . I am scared !!!!!!… [more]