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looking for my peter pan to come and save me from myself. (idk i just really liked that and i just thought of it)

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I Have Psychic Experiences

Not Sure If These Count And It Sounds Far Fetched But I Think Its All Connected Ive had de ja vu dreams but ive never had. Something like this happen. The dream was so vivid so here it is. I was at my friends house on a friday night, her brother my ex was also there. We were... [more]
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  • I Believe In the Power of Prayer

    How Strong Is The Power Of Prayer? I pray every night for the same things. I pray for my family my pets and my ex. I pray that god keeps us all safe and that he returns my ex to me. So far he has kept my family and pets safe and ever s… [more]
  • I Have Precognitive Dreams

    Im Pretty Sure These Are Precognitive Dreams Sometimes i have dreams that come true. its not every night and its not all the time but sometimes i dream whats happening before it happens. so sometimes i have these dreams where im meeting the same… [more]
  • I Have Precognitive Dreams

    Why Does This One Feel So Different I dont have the dreams all the time only once in awhile. I caught on to having the dreams when i was little. Most of these kinds of dreams happen in a pattern. Like for a couple nights ill have the sa… [more]
  • I Want Men to Answer My Question,women Ask Men Answer

    I Just Need A Guys Opinion On This I would appreciate if only guys answered. i have no clue what im doing i just know i love him and i think he loves me to. ok this goes over the course of five months and i just really need to know wha… [more]