A bright eyed faery chaser and an oscillating malcontent. I consider myself a kind person, always up for a good story or a fresh splash of beauty. You could say that I cheated on my personal jigsaw puzzle by hammering the pieces in, so if you see I'm in the process of putting myself together, pay me no mind! I'm in love with nature, violins, stories and life itself.
Oh, May 1st is not my birthday. I like to think everyone has a high holy day. I had a friend once who went all out on Valentine's Day, and another who got really deep about Halloween, or Samhain for the like minded. Myself, I like Beltane.
And the girl in my picture is a fan art of Sonako Nakahara from Wallflower. I identify with her, is all. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to post myself on here. Until then, I look forward to learning about you all! Love love!

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  • a little Irish
  • and a little Native American (Cherokee)
  • and a little French
  • and a little English
  • and a little *** Other ***
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    But I'm Not Over-reacting! I battle depression and anxiety. That includes panic attacks, paranoia, self-deprecation, co-dependency and physical self abuse. Since that declaration alone apparently isn't enough of… [more]
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    Emotionally Inhibited I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I'd like to think I always have, living with my parents who taught me not to express my anger. I grew up redirecting my anger into myself to avoid letting … [more]
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  • RIP, my violin..

    Posted on: May 24th, 2013 at 10:09PM

    I'll preface this blog by saying this isn't a happy post at all. If you are turned off by people telling you their sob stories, or don't feel like listening to whiny prattling of an endemic failure like myself, do us both a favor and find something fun. I have a violin I bought back in, I guess.. 2005. I never learned how to play it. Something always came up, or I was always sharing space with someone who didn't take kindly to my practicing. No matter. I would still watch Lindsey Sterling Videos, and dream quietly of being able to play it on the corner of a street somewhere. Not like her, of course: she plays like she breathes. But good enough to have fun. Ah, to be a troubadour.. Recently, … [more]