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I'm the last of an alien race called tech lords in 2012ill be ready to save the earth

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I Are Having Problems With My Gf

Problems With My Gf Iv just met this girl on fb we had a arrangement when she came mine her dad drops her offand vice versa anyway her dad used to drop her off but now he doesn't want drive her to mine once a week to... [more]
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  • I Like Unusual Sex

    I Banged My Cousin Then My Girlfriend My cousin is one of my girlfriends and now iv got another her name is Chelsea when I got home last night with my cousin she dropped her bag and took me upstairs then she ******** naked and then she s… [more]
  • I Love Cats

    My Cousin Is My Girlfriend Ok like I was telling you before I was trapped as a sex slave to my cousin for refusing to go along with being a couple so now I'm decided what the hell and gone along with it and now me and dani hav… [more]
  • I Like Unusual Sex

    My Adopped Cousin Keeps Trying To Have Sex With Me Ok iv got this adoppted cousin that keeps trying to **** me every chance she gets and now I'm her sex slave for her and her friends who get to **** me coz I'm normaly tied up naked at the time and can… [more]
  • I Love Cats

    My Adopted Cousin Fancies Me Ok my aunt and uncle can't have kids so they adopted this girl the same age as me anyway they came round with ( DANI) short for danielle and I went to get changed when dani just walked in on me by mis… [more]
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    I'm a hitman and I killed a mob boss
    Iv spent so many years killing time and time again shooting someone and then just walking awaytaking care not to step in the puddle of blood as I leave I thought I would find it easy but I would be fibbing if I said yes the police never found out who I am but after my last hit I couldn't do it anymore I was on a roof above a hospital waiting for my target fernaldel Gonzalez about two minuits passed then he walked out so I raised my pk37 semi auto silenced rifle took aim right between him eyes when this little girl runs out to him but it was to late ...bang!!!chunks of jacket and flesh splattered the restrant window behind the girl sent flying in to her father then she slumped to the ground b… [more]