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I Am Not Against a Good Spanking

When I Was Growing Up When I was growning up my mother did all the spankings in our house! 1 time my dad paddle my bare bottom. I was 14 and I stayed out missed one of my mothers friends who came to see us kids. When I got... [more]
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  • I Broke Curfew And Got Spanked

    Summer Outting Two Weeks Now every year we would rent a summer cabin on a river for 3 weeks my parents worked the race tacks and fair meets we owned race horse's. Well this one sumer I just turned 15 and my sister was 14 we h… [more]
  • I Hate Mitt Romney

    Christian Haters What I want to know is Why Mitt Romney who tells his followers They will get all Goverment out of our life! Will Stop China from taking over! Then Put OUT in a Statement to Block all internet pictures… [more]
  • I Think Non-smokers Have No Clue What They Are Missing

    Smoking Lung Cancer I know what you will be missing when you get older your lungs. My dad died from Lung cancer I miss him everyday one of my best friends as also died from Lung Cancer because of 2nd hand smoke. I know I… [more]