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I Am a Military Girlfriend</3.... He told my bestfriend that he never ever wanted a relatioship with me & that he told me that a million times......that is not true....I guess Im not qualified for this group anymore... [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    New Teenage Military Girlfriend MY boyfriend is leaving in a couple of hoursfor BMT for the Air Force, and I really dont know what to do or whta to expect or how to deal with it , I dont know how to be a Military Girlfriend , Iam wi… [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    A Little Bit Scared.... So he finally graduated form BMT & now has a phone & yes we do txt constantly , but Im to scared to ask him about our relationship , weve been in a way dating for months , & he wanted to wait till we … [more]
  • I Miss My Airman

    My First Call <3 He called me yesterday ! Out of all the people he could of called especially his family he called me ! <3 Im so happy & he asked me how I was & school & everything & we tallked like old times , whe… [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    The Letter.... I finally got a letter & Im so happy infact I got two ! The first one he wrote on the 19th of agust & he ended it with miss & love you , but the second one was written on the21st of august ( two days … [more]