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I Am a Nursing Student

Do any of you care to answer a question for me? It might be dumb, but I'm trying to figure out why heparin is given as a bolus first, before it's given subcutaneous? Enlighten me pleaseee [more]
  • I Like Older Men

    I Love Mature Men Yes, age is only a number. The oldest guy I've dates is 33 years old. In my experience, I've noted that younger boys don't know what they want or where they are going. Whereas older men have settled d… [more]
  • I Am Pregnant

    I Am Pregnant And I Can'T Have My Baby My period is irregular, but its already been 1 month and 2 weeks since I last got my period. That is very unusual because it usually delays only about 1 week. So yesterday, I decided to take a pregnan… [more]
  • I Had An Abortion

    After Abortion... So I had an abortion 6 months ago and I wanted to share my feelings after so long. Every month I look at my stomach and I say, "I would be this big by now.." and so on. Sometimes I question myself and… [more]
  • I Don't Trust Politicians

    Is There The Truth? "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal" Emma Goldman. When I saw this quote it really got me thinking. Where do we we draw the line between what "is" and what could be? Some people talk a… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Too much..
    I feel so stressed out!!! First of all, my mom makes me believe in her bible stuff. I HAVE DIFFERENT BELIEFS AND SHE CAN'T ACCEPT THAT! The other day she even hit me for it. She doesn't even let me go out WTF!! I'm 18!!! And I can't even fukn see the daylight at peace. My boyfriend is another story...he has problems of his own and they kind of become my problems as well!! I don't want to leave him because I love him, but his problems are just too much! I feel lonely sometimes. I want to explode and pour my heart out to someone but no one is willing to listen!! All the people that surround me are brain-washed Christians. I don't need that! I need a fkin real person!!! God is not gonna fkin co… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I hope I made it...
    Angel; that's the name my friend and I have given to the baby I'm trying to make. Yes, at 18 I feel the need to be a mother. Don't bother judging, I'm ready for society's comments; especially my familys'. I'm ready to give my angel the opportunity to live and enjoy a life along with myself, his father, and other brothers. I just started my second semester in college and I'm planing to do a short 2 year career. For me, my family comes first. I rather have angel first and then think about my career. At my age, I'll have plenty of time to think finish my 2 year career. Oh how I have come to love angel so much without even knowing if it's growing inside or not. I put aside my mother, and her ide… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    After death
    The question of afterlife bothers me every single day of my life. What happens after death? I remember when I was small, I asked my grandpa this question and he simply said that nothing happens after. As I grew I started to generate my own idea of this tedious topic. I basically grew up in the Christian church. They say that there is a hell and a heaven. If you're "good" you go to heaven and if you're "bad" you go to hell. The only problem I have with that is the thin line they set between good and bad. The Bible itself says that no one is perfect, so basically we would all be going to hell...right? Voluntarily or involuntarily you are still sinning.So that's what we were put on this earth f… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I'm eloping
    I met Gabriel about a month ago in a dating site. The first thing I told him was that I loved him. should be thinking. If I say I love him, WHO ARE YOU to tell me that I don't? It's not like we all share a body and have an exact definition of what love is or feels like. I also mentioned marriage and he condoned the idea. You might also think.....that's just an excuse to do whatever the hell you want. Well, you're half right. If we all lived according to society's rules we might as well be zombies. Do you really need to know that person's favorite color and/or intimate secrets to say yes? Maybe, but it all depends where your priorities lie. As for me, it's just enough to know tha… [more]