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Hi new to this but wanting to share some of my experiences with you all and hopefully I can aim to either help out others on EP with advice, support or just understanding to their experiences.

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I Love With My Whole Heart

Who are you to me? A stranger in my midst who I find so fascinating and interesting and yet when I'm with you it feels like I've known you forever. Your like a movie, where it's so damn interesting, I... [more]
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  • I Am a Scorpio

    To All You Beautiful Scorpio Girls Her eyes sparkle and glitz like diamonds. They glare with such intensity that you can almost feel the heat from the fire blazing within. They lock you with a force so deep that your eyes cannot look a… [more]
  • I Believe That Love Comes Unexpectadly

    Love Happens In Mysterious Ways I believe that love comes in many diffrent arrays in forms. From the unexpected hug in the morning from your moody teenage daughter who never use to hug you from time to time, to the neighbour next do… [more]
  • I Am a Scorpio

    True Scorpio Girl I find myself being true to my sign, I swear I've read many accounts on my sign and it describes me in full detail. The intensity we tend to have but not show for fear of being looked down upon. The s… [more]
  • I 've Been In Love And Betrayed

    Jackal And Hyde I really thought you were the one, but I guess I was wrong. I feel a bit decieved and used. I kind of thought I was with a conn. But we go through life thinking that everything is all good and fine an… [more]