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Hey, my name is Danny, or Danechka (yes I'm aware that's a girls name), or whatever. I'm 1+9+9+8-16+5 years old. I live in England (to you American people that's Old England not New England) but I am originally from the third realm (no, not reich) of Zeta 2 Reticuli, a certain planet called Janos. I love science, technology, history, history and many other things too. I love to skateboard, hack, write fiction and make music in my spare time. Most of all I love my mystic girlfriend, who is also a timetraveler. I am not judgmental and I love making friends from all over the world. I don't bite. Well, at least, I don't bite hard. Feel free to drop me a message any time. Oh yes, my humour is diverse and at times very dark. If you've taken this profile too seriously then you're not compatible with it. Dzien dobry!

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I Like To Edit Photos

Both for a comedic effect and a serious effect. [more]
  • I Hate Anime

    Lost My Friend To Anime When I was younger I used to have a huge fascination with anime and manga. I still like Japanese culture to this day, and I'm interested in all aspects of Japan's culture and everything today. However… [more]
  • I 've Done Acid

    I Haven't Actually Done Acid, But I Am Curious. By the way that doesn't mean I'm going to take it. Just curious. In society today we are exposed to drugs, more than ever before I suppose. People my age waste their lives on maryjane and… [more]
  • I Love Aphex Twin

    I Am In Love With Not Only His Music, But Richard Himself. I've been listening to Aphex Twin for about three years now, and his music has completely set the standard for all the music I listen to nowadays. Until I discovered electronic music, I was listening … [more]
  • I Love Creative Writing

    A Piece I Wrote For An Exam. This is a piece of creative writing I wrote for an exam (the topic had to be on homelessness) and so I wrote this, hopefully the message shines through: (Usually my writing is darker than this, … [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Giving a little too much?
    Whenever I see a homeless person in the town centre (I avoid the town centre, too many people, it's really depressing) I always give them a smile and some money if I have any to spare. However, I saw this guy and I genuinely thought he was homeless, not in an undermining way, but yeah I thought he was homeless. I offered him money and he was like "What?" It was a really horrible and awkward moment to be caught up in, I ran away before he got the completely wrong idea.… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I got stuck in a toilet cubicle in Holland...
    This was awful. I was in Belgium in 2010, on holiday with my mum, to visit my auntie, uncle and cousins who all lived in Belgium at the time. My auntie had this awesome idea of taking us out to the Netherlands for the day, seeing as it's only an hour drive from Brussels, where they lived.The whole day itself was so packed full of fun, it was such a nice day and we went sightseeing. The Netherlands truly is a beautiful country! So many picturesque scenes to be seen.We stopped off at a restaurant for dinner, and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I found that the heavy wooden door that I locked (I get really paranoid and anxious in public places like that) wouldn't budge. The lock w… [more]