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I Like Queens of the Stone Age

Love Love Love songs for the deaf is my favourite album of all time! [more]
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  • I Was In An Earthquake

    English Earthquake -Yeah I was at my uncle's house in Hull. And I was lying on my bed and suddenly I felt like the strangest feeling. Like a train going under the house. It wasn't hard, but it was like... wow... … [more]
  • I Am British

    Antibnp And so is *everyone* with a British passport. No matter what race or religion, that's not ideology, that's just fact. Stephen Fry is from Hungarian Jewish stock, Sandy Toksvig is Danish, and Brian Cox… [more]
  • I Have Parents That Travle A Lot

    Free House The best thing about having parents that go away a lot is that you get the house to yourself. And you guys know what that means!!! PARTY! … [more]
  • I Love Poetry

    Grandad Bee you are a bee, that floats in my garden to be, I fancy thee. Oh bee. wonderful bee that should be with me. You buzz and fly and skip if bee's can skip, you have knees made of pollen … [more]