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I Was Sexualy Abused

It's soul destroying to realise this but it is true. I've recently realised through talking to people here that my uncle used to touch me inappropriately after bare butt spankings dressing the whole... [more]
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  • I Was In An Earthquake

    English Earthquake -Yeah I was at my uncle's house in Hull. And I was lying on my bed and suddenly I felt like the strangest feeling. Like a train going under the house. It wasn't hard, but it was like... wow... … [more]
  • I Am British

    Antibnp And so is *everyone* with a British passport. No matter what race or religion, that's not ideology, that's just fact. Stephen Fry is from Hungarian Jewish stock, Sandy Toksvig is Danish, and Brian Cox… [more]
  • I Have Parents That Travle A Lot

    Free House The best thing about having parents that go away a lot is that you get the house to yourself. And you guys know what that means!!! PARTY! … [more]
  • I Love Poetry

    Grandad Bee you are a bee, that floats in my garden to be, I fancy thee. Oh bee. wonderful bee that should be with me. You buzz and fly and skip if bee's can skip, you have knees made of pollen … [more]