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I Need Regular Spankings

After a long time hating them and b.i.t.c.hing about them I have come to realise they're basically the only thing that stop me from being a terrible person. [more]
dannywspk has shared 8 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Spanked As A Child

    Balance! Yeah. Basically being spanked or 'smacked bottoms' as we say in London is not as bad as what everyone keeps going on about. We had a debate about it in society class and it's like... people many of th… [more]
  • I Was In An Earthquake

    English Earthquake -Yeah I was at my uncle's house in Hull. And I was lying on my bed and suddenly I felt like the strangest feeling. Like a train going under the house. It wasn't hard, but it was like... wow... … [more]
  • I Think Children Should Have Strict Bounderies

    General I think that if rules are too strict and controlling then kids are just going to find ways to get round the rules. I don't think we should have no rules. Tough rules and stuff made me feel cared for. … [more]
  • I Am British

    Antibnp And so is *everyone* with a British passport. No matter what race or religion, that's not ideology, that's just fact. Stephen Fry is from Hungarian Jewish stock, Sandy Toksvig is Danish, and Brian Cox… [more]