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Don't just get turned off by my experiences, there is more to me then that ...those are only the ones I've found here so far ...look beyond those and realize that everyone is deeper !

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I Am Just A Little Kinky

Just For Me Some kinks are just that, kinks ...and you are right some are perverse. Some of my kinks make me eccentric, in some peoples eyes, if they knew more of about me they would think me perverse ...where... [more]
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  • I Care For My Elderly Parents

    My Mom Lives With Me i bought a double house many years ago and my mother wanted so much to own her own home that I said sure move in here to the lower apartment (mom and dad never did own a house rented various places ra… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    A Lost Soul This started out as a letter to anyone and no one – I’ve never had anyone I could write a letter like this to - but it turned into something else …I’m not sure what you would call it – an … [more]
  • I Want Every Girl To Know I Wear My Little Panties Everyday

    Yes Every Day Yes that's right every day I wear my panties and I work in a rough tough industry. they are comfortable and make me feel better, where is the harm ? What does it take to be taken seriously, by someone… [more]
  • I Am Man Love Wear Women Panties

    Vs Second Skin I love these panties so much that I have gotten so many of them they now take up a whole drawer in the Armourie . Soft and sensual silky and smooth they are my everyday wear. I just wish that I could … [more]
  • Ranting

    Posted on: August 20th, 2012 at 8:06PM

    Life is stomping all over me this summer(with alpine spikes). Since the death of my Mom in the spring I have tried to set things right and move on with life. That has been delayed due to the pettiness of some Medicaid cretins. they determined in with their rules and procedures to only give Mom partial coverage so that the creditors were left with unpaid sums of money which they feel is due them, probably rightly so, but they have begun court proceedings to get the money from me. Like I can get them paid to the tune of 75K. I'd like to think that they don't think about the misery they are spreading, but lawyers are a heartless bunch of low-life vultures who see only the dollar signs and not … [more]