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I Am Obsessed With Music

All About The Music Hi my name is Kayleah and I'm a music addict. I don't know what it is but I find my inspiration in music, in the lyrics, in the beat, in the drums, the guitar, the bass, the vocals, everything. I tend... [more]
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  • I Am Socially Awkward

    More Funny Than Anything... I love hanging with people and my friends and love being in crowds and such but when I'm with a small goup of people and I'm put on the spot, I turn into mush mouth off of fat albert haha. I don't kno… [more]
  • I Am An Outcast

    I Am? I've always been sort of an outcast. I don't know why. But for as long as I can remember ive always been sort of alone, even with my friends. But most friends I ever had, left. I have one really good… [more]
  • I Dye My Hair

    And Yet Again... Every time i dyed my hair i dyed it black and i loved it, my natural hair color is a medium brown and i like that too and it's pretty and all but i just get so sick of the same thing. It's like i cant… [more]
  • I Used to Self Harm

    At Peace I started cutting myself in high school, about 14 years old and I don't even remember why I did it the first time. It went on for about 4 years, I have the scars to prove it and I'm completely embarra… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Not supposed to be this way...
    My family is going through some things and my parents are separated and my mom's drinking all the time and is seeing a new guy and my sister's boyfriend is crazy freaks out when she's mad at him, and my dad's superrrrrrrr depressed with his life, his van keeps breaking down, my mom leaving him, he had to live with his sister for 6 months and just now got a job and a factory that sucks and all his money goes to bills, then my brother is failing everything in school pretty much and says he has no friends and never stops mw3. And me, well I just got dumped and moved back home to a crappy town with nothing in it. Buuuuttttt the way it's not supposed to be, it that I'm happier than ever. I have n… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I'm Scared
    Everyone is always judging me and im sick of it. Im scared that I'll never find that right person who likes or even loves me for me. I'm weird sometimes, ok? But who isnt. I'm tired of everyone thinking theyre better than me. What makes any one person better than the next anyway? I just want to have a group of people or even one person that I can truly call a friend. When the hell can I just find someone to talk to and be myself around. I used to cut myself and I got dumped by the person I thought I'd be with forever. But I realized that that person was the main reason i hurt myself. And now I'm ready to date like a normal 18 year old. My only fear is not finding someone who'll accept me for… [more]