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I am a women's liberationist; I want men the world over to get their boots off of womyn's necks. I am an introvert; I neither want nor need many people in my life, and I'm quite capable of amusing myself most of the time. I'm a separatist and I prefer to put my energy into womyn and gyrls only. I enjoy math, physics, and learning foreign languages. I am getting tired of being mistaken for a teenage boy. I'm glad that I'm a lesbian. I am opinionated. Politics are not a big part of my life because I've come to realize that the political process is not the way to affect real change. I don't talk much. Things that are bizarre, foreign, and melancholy move me. Musical dissonance feels good to me. I've been an amateur musician for fifteen years, and I still sound like crap. I love shopping for books. I'm a decent writer. Nothing makes my stomach turn quite like conformity. I think for myself in all matters. I hate rituals of all kinds; I don't celebrate holidays or birthdays, never attend weddings, graduations, or funerals. My number one pet peeve is other people making stupid assumptions about who I am. The written word catches my attention more than the spoken word. I want a world that is different in so many ways from what it is now, that it wouldn't be far off the mark to say that I wanted most of the societies on Earth to be destroyed. I am anti-white supremacy, and it would be great if more people realized that white supremacy goes far beyond the KKK or skinheads; it's everywhere in the U.S. I also wish more people were taught basic logic and reasoning skills in school.

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