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I Need to Vent

Venting About Someone Else Venting... So a facebook friend of mine posted a long vent about comments that she had gotten. Aparently some people had looked at the pictures of her and her beautiful family and told her how lucky she was... [more]
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  • I Have No Friends

    Forever Friendless I moved to Korea 16 months ago. I thought that it would be a chance for me to kind of start over and be the kind of person who has friends. Back in the states, I didn't really have friends. I had a… [more]
  • I Feel Alone

    Alone In A Strange Country I Call Home I have lived in Korea for 15 months now, and will probably be here for another two and a half years. I have aquaintances through work and church, but no real friends. I have always been an independa… [more]
  • I Hate Being Alone

    But It's So Much Safer I am a loner. It is a self-preservation method. It is hard, and I get tired of always being by myself, but it is so much safer. I learned at a young age, and was given booster lessons throughout my… [more]
  • I Cut My Self

    Living In Fear Of Getting Found Out When I was a teenager I cut myself regularly for four years. I went for about six years without cutting at all. I was even at the point where I was comfortable enough talking about my scars as a thi… [more]